This is the Pratley 80211 Original Putty standard setting 125gm (PRA80211)
This epoxy putty is hand mouldable and sets very hard
It’s a slightly water soluble (before it cures) hand mouldable high performance putty-like adhesive
It is ideal for use under water but can also be used for filling, sealing, building up and bonding almost any rigid material
Excellent adhesive strength
Very hard and abrasion resistant
Sets ivory white
Good shelf life
Non flammable
Bonds well to most rigid materials
Adheres to: Metals, cement, concrete, stone, glass, slate, wood and most other rigid materials
Suggested use for Pratley Putty Original Formula (standard setting)
Repair underwater leaks
Repair cracked concrete swimming pools (substrate must be coherent)
Mend broken roof tiles
Seal metal water tanks or gutters
Mend chipped and broken washbasins or toilets
Repair broken engine sumps and radiators
Seal around sink and basin outlets
Seal petrol tanks and fuel lines
Emergency repairs to metal work
Fix cement garden furniture
Mend broken electrical insulators
This putty is NOT recommended for bonding of rearview mirrors to windscreens, exhaust pipes (due to high temperature), polypropylene and polyethylene plastics and continuous use over 100 deg Celsius.

Packaging Includes:
1 x 125g Pratley Original Standard Setting Putty

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