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Easily bleed brakes and test automotive vacuum systems by yourself
Works on all vehicle makes and models
Comprehensive workshop vacuum pump kit includes reservoir and nipple adaptor for brake and fuel line bleeding
The hand operated pump pulls the fluid through the bleed nipple, eliminating the need to use the brake lever or pedal
Manual pump with pressure gauge allows testing of many vacuum operated systems, eg: fuel pumps, carbs, etc.

Hand held vacuum pump
Brass cylinder and cylinder head
Steel handle
Replaceable O-ring cylinder head gasket, rubber piston ring and valves
Precise pressure gauge: 0-30in Hg, 0-760mm Hg
Negative pressure up to 635mm Hg
Release valve
Includes the parts of brake bleeder, easily bleed brakes by yourself
Blow moulded case keeps all the tools organized and easy to transport
Size:26cm x 22cm x 8cm
Instrument scale: 0-30″HG, 0.76CM HG
Material:Metal, Plastic
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Packaging Includes:
1 x Vacuum Pump/Brake Bleeder
1 x Reservoir Jar
1 x Transfer Lid
1 x Storage Lid
1 x “T” Hose Connector
1 x Universal Cup Adapter
1 x Straight Hose Connector
2 x Lengths of 1/4’’ ID tubing x 3″ Vacuum Hoses
2 x Lengths of 1/4’’ ID tubing x 24″ Vacuum Hoses
2 x Tapered Hose Adapters
3 x Sizes Brake Bleeder Valve Adapters
1 x Presented with blow moulded case
1 x English Instruction Manual

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